Coaching Details

Could a coach help you thrive?

I would love to help you make changes to your life in ways that suit your personality while minimizing frustration, shame, and self-defeat. Change isn't always easy, but together we can craft strategies that help you swim with the current of your life instead of against it.

I’ve helped my clients navigate a wide range of issues, including personal, professional, and interpersonal. Wherever you go, I’m comfortable tagging along, reminding you where your strengths have the chance to shine more brightly and helping you adjust to difficult situations in ways that suit your personality. Just a few examples of what we’ve tackled include:

  • Strategizing emotional and logistical resources for long-term elder care for a parent with dementia.
  • Tracking behaviors around bedtime and sleep to help build habits that support restful, consistent sleep.
  • Incorporating emotional awareness, functional strategies, and validation exercises to manage avoidance and procrastination.
  • Developing action plans to mitigate and cope with sensory overwhelm and autistic burnout.
  • Troubleshooting priorities for data pipeline and algorithm development.
  • Analyzing a document review pipeline for efficiency improvements and developing a plan to extract the client out of the personally distasteful portions.

If you have a problem that needs solving, we can work through it together. Sometimes I have immediate answers and strategies, but I always have insightful questions to help you uncover the foundational issues you’re struggling with in any situation. We’ll start our journey with a free one-hour introductory session in which we’ll get to know each others’ communication styles, I’ll present my approach, and we’ll dig into your background, struggles, and goals. After our session, if we decide we’re compatible, I’ll send a proposal with options for how we could structure our sessions.

Here are just a few examples of how our sessions might best support your needs:

  • Any communication method that suits you:
    • Synchronous: Webcam, phone, face-to-face
    • Asynchronous: Email, text, Discord, Slack, and more
  • Weekly hourly sessions to review short-term and long-term goals
  • Daily check-ins via text
  • Email digest of key points from our session
  • Coworking sessions with support for prioritization
  • Rewards during crunch times to give you a motivation boost
  • Commissioned articles or project plans that suit your strengths and work style for challenging personal or professional projects

Email me at to schedule your free introductory session today!

I also offer coaching to groups on a variety of different topics. Please email me at to receive a copy of my currently available group sessions.