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Graduate School Productivity Support Club

Wed, 15 Mar 2023 by Melissa Smith / misc

Graduate school is hard.

Of course, it's designed to be rigorous and intense and requires mastery of a massive chunk of prerequisite knowledge.

But it is not just academically difficult. It requires a level of focus, self-direction, self-management, and discipline that many students have not yet encountered. And there are …

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Recommendation: Therapist Uncensored

Mon, 07 Nov 2022 by Melissa Smith / misc

What if you could carry the kind, thoughtful voices of therapists with you wherever you go?

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The Mystery of the Penguin Footprint cPTSD

Sun, 09 Oct 2022 by Melissa Smith / misc

A painting created by penguin footprints triggered my cPTSD.

While this statement is factually true, it’s also an oversimplification and very linear explanation. Unpacking the details yields a story that is much more circuitous, which is entirely on brand for my experience with cPTSD.

So let’s start at …

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I’m Not Just the Owner, I’m a Client Too

Mon, 19 Sep 2022 by Melissa Smith / misc

One of the strengths I bring to my coaching work is lived experience with my own neurodiversity. And that lived experience is something I'm still accumulating. While I’ve read many solutions and strategies and created plenty of other solutions of my own, I still struggle sometimes with many of …

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