Move More 2020 Anti-Challenge

What if I told you that by the end of 2020, you could be doing meditation, strength and balance exercises, hydration, stretches, and more, every single day?

Have you already made resolutions to do those things? Are you worried you might not stick with them?

Change is hard when it:

  • Feels overwhelming
  • Relies on you remembering to do it
  • Un-anchors you from your existing habits
  • Leaves you sore, frazzled, or frantic
  • Requires you to find time in your day

Would you rather those changes be easy? Then join my Move More 2020 Anti-Challenge!

Why is it an Anti-Challenge? Because I’ve done the work of structuring Move More 2020 so that every step is a tiny, easy-to-incorporate change that feels really good.

My anti-challenge includes:

  • A slow, structured pace for incorporating these changes.
  • Relying on your existing habits and routines as anchor points
  • Suggestions for reminders so that you can prompt yourself to incorporate the change
  • Modifications if the suggested task doesn’t meet your needs or lifestyle

Together we’ll incorporate changes like:

  • Gentle neck stretches while you’re stopped at red lights on your commute
  • Standing mock-pushups against the counter top while you’re in the kitchen, waiting for food to cook
  • Do a relaxing yoga pose while you’re scrolling Facebook in the evening.
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