Add a little fun to your quarantine walks

Have you been taking yourself and your family on walks through the neighborhood during the COVID-19 pandemic? Are the walks beginning to lose their novelty? Are your kids resisting walks because they're super boring?

Let's liven things up with a virtual Scavenger Hunt. You can join by subscribing to the newsletter below or following me on Facebook or Twitter. Each hunt will have its own theme. One lucky person who tweets, emails, or Facebooks me a photo from the hunt will get featured in the following Hunt.

I'll start off running the Scavenger Hunt once a week on Sundays. Once I hit 50 subscribers, I'll increase it to three days a week. And once I hit 100, I'll publish a daily Scavenger Hunt. So please spread the news to other folks whose walks could use a little extra fun.

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Daily Walk Scavenger Hunt

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