Face Mask Fabrics

Click image to open full-size version. Quarter included for scale.

1. Dark yellow and pink floralDark yellow and pink floral 2. Dark pink floralDark pink floral 3. Lime green vinesLime green vines 4. White vines on dark blueWhite vines on dark blue
5. DragonfliesDragonflies 6. Red Hershey's KissesRed Hershey's Kisses 7. Green Hersey's KissesGreen Hersey's Kisses 8. Dark greenDark green
9. Multi-colored turtlesMulti-colored turtles 10. Brown turtles on greenBrown turtles on green 11. Black and White Batik TurtlesBlack and White Batik Turtles 12. Tesselated TurtlesTesselated Turtles
13. Squiggly drawingsSquiggly drawings 14. Music notesMusic notes 15. Black and White swirlsBlack and White swirls 16. Multi-colored swirlsMulti-colored swirls
17. PotteryPottery 18. Black and white weaveBlack and white weave 19. Hearts and XOXHearts and XOX 20. KissesKisses
21. Watering CansWatering Cans 22. Paw printsPaw prints 23. CactiCacti 24. AntsAnts
25. Green Fancy PantsGreen Fancy Pants 26. PeppermintsPeppermints 27. Pink fieldPink field 28. EgyptianEgyptian
29. VeggiesVeggies 30. CherriesCherries 31. Chili PeppersChili Peppers 32. MartinisMartinis
33. Throwback to 2000Throwback to 2000 34. Harry Potter OwlsHarry Potter Owls 35. Harry Potter - Harry BroomHarry Potter - Harry Broom 36. Harry Potter QuidditchHarry Potter Quidditch
37. Multi-colored wavesMulti-colored waves 38. Krispy Kreme TrucksKrispy Kreme Trucks 39. Checkered FlagCheckered Flag 40. KittiesKitties
41. Lizards, bugs, frogs, and insectsLizards, bugs, frogs, and insects 42. Stars and swirlsStars and swirls 43. FireworksFireworks 44. African womenAfrican women
45. Roman multi - specify which row you'd like featured in order notesRoman multi - specify which row you'd like featured in order notes 46. Roman scatteredRoman scattered 47. Latin 'words'Latin 'words' 48. Looks like a tie - Red backgroundLooks like a tie - Red background
49. Looks like a tie - Green backgroundLooks like a tie - Green background 50. Looks like a tie - Navy backgroundLooks like a tie - Navy background 51. Roses on creamRoses on cream 52. White flowers on navyWhite flowers on navy
53. Blue flowers on pale blueBlue flowers on pale blue 54. Little white leaves on blueLittle white leaves on blue 55. Blue and yellow flowers on creamBlue and yellow flowers on cream 56. White vines on navyWhite vines on navy
57. Big cloudsBig clouds 58. Green marbleGreen marble 59. Navy fans on blueNavy fans on blue 60. White scrollwork on blackWhite scrollwork on black
61. White leaves on navyWhite leaves on navy 62. Light blue vines on blueLight blue vines on blue