Habit Coaching

I would love to help you make changes to your life in ways that suit your personality, while minimizing frustration, shame, and self-defeat. Change isn't always easy, but together we can craft strategies that help you swim with the current of your life instead of against it.

Every potential client receives a free one-hour introductory session. Before the call, I'll send materials for you to complete to organize and communicate your goals, identify times you’ve been motivated and times you’ve struggled in the past, and what you feel is most likely to slow your progress. During the call we’ll talk through the changes you want to make and coordinate what level of service might best meet your needs. Following the introductory call, I’ll send follow-up information including notes on our discussion and two simple strategies for you to try. And based on our call, I'll send a proposal for our sessions, based on the fierceness of your goals, the level of support you need, and your availability.

The tiers below illustrate how I generally structure my coaching. The price shown is per session, and most people find that meeting once per week gives them the support they need. But these tiers are only the starting point. Together, we'll customize a plan that works for you. For example, for some people it works best to schedule two Accountabiliy and Coordination sessions per month with Self-directed Support in between.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all coaching prices are on a sliding scale. If you need help cultivating healthy habits during this crisis, please contact me. I can offer reduced pricing or we can work out a trade.

Self-directed Support Accountability and Coordination Premium Coaching
$30 $75 $150
30-minute session 1-hour session with follow-up 1-hour session with daily follow-up for one week
For people who need a sounding board, but can provide their own accountability For people who need more guidance to form and maintain their habits For people with aggressive goals or for whom change is especially difficult
• After each session, you email your plan for the week based on our session.
• You track your long-term progress towards your goals.
• After each session, I email a recap of the week's plan.
• I send links to relevant resources.
• I provide resources for long-term tracking.
• You send questions/issues mid-week to prepare for the next session.
• All support provide in the Accountability and Coordination tier plus daily check-ins and troubleshooting via text or email

Email me at melissa@datasmithing.com to schedule your free introductory session today!

I also offer coaching to groups on a variety of different topics. Please email me at melissa@datasmithing.com to receive a copy of my currently available group sessions.